Court ruling leaves room for Bartlett to make school decisions

This week’s ruling by U.S. District Judge Hardy Mays recognized the Norris-Todd law as valid, leaving room for suburban cities to create their own municipal or special school districts. The Bartlett Express quotes steering committee member Mick Wright’s reaction to the ruling.

Mick Wright, steering committee member of Better Bartlett Schools, said he was encouraged by the judge’s “fair ruling” despite some unanswered questions.

“I think there’s something in there for everybody,” he said. “Bartlett residents should be able to set up how they want the education system, and the ruling supporting Norris-Todd allows for that.”

The state law opens the door in 2013 for municipalities to create their own special school districts, something the grassroots organization Better Bartlett Schools has been investigating in hopes of making recommendations to city officials.

“We’re not taking sides, just want to get the information out and see what people think,” Wright said. “In our surveys of residents, people are overwhelmingly opposed to (school) consolidation. But there are still so many moving pieces in this.”

Judge Mays’ ruling is available here.

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