Order a sign, help us get out the vote

YES! Bartlett Schools

Order a Yard Sign

Friends, we’re excited to announce that we are now taking orders for yard signs. To have one delivered to your home, please complete our online order form.

Please be patient with delivery, however, as the final design of the sign has not been approved or printed yet.

At the same time, we are also raising funds to make the sign order and to pay for our other get-out-the-vote efforts. Your contribution is much appreciated, and will help us reach other Bartlett voters and get them to the polls on August 2. Our donation page also has a personal fundraising feature you can use to raise funds on behalf of Better Bartlett Schools.

Thanks as always for supporting better education in the City of Bartlett.

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One Response to Order a sign, help us get out the vote

  1. Randal Fowler says:

    Requested a yard sign on 6/24 have not received will be glad to pick up just tell me when and where
    Randal Fowler