Ritz holds town hall on Bartlett schools

Shelby County Commissioner Mike Ritz held a town hall near Bartlett Thursday, his first, to present his estimate of the cost for Bartlett municipal schools.

The presentation covered the same speculation and numbers found in his fiscal issues analysis and graph.

The event drew about 30 people and was covered by the Commercial Appeal and Fox 13.

UPDATE: Ritz also discussed the town hall on WREG Friday morning. Both videos below:

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One Response to Ritz holds town hall on Bartlett schools

  1. Matthew Nowlin says:

    Mike Ritz admitted in the interview that he “purposefully underestimated the numbers.” That is a vagary, specifically wordsmithed to instill fear.

    The most important thing it reveals is that Mr. Ritz has no basis to claim accuracy in his numbers.

    I trust Mayor McDonald much more than I trust a county official fighting to keep revenue.