City of Bartlett flyer explores school referendums

Bartlett Municipal School Flyer

Bartlett Municipal School Flyer (PDF)

The City of Bartlett has produced a flyer explaining the referendums that will be on the August 2 ballot.

The flyer shows the big picture of what a Yes vote means, breaks down the cost of a Bartlett municipal school district, answers several frequently asked questions, and lists the questions as they will appear on the ballot.

The flyer is available to view and download here in PDF format, and below in JPG format. Please be sure to share this information with your friends and family in Bartlett.

Bartlett Municipal School Flyer Page 1

Bartlett Municipal School Flyer Page 2

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6 Responses to City of Bartlett flyer explores school referendums

  1. Vicki Harrison says:

    Let’s do this Bartlett

  2. chris riley says:

    The way the ballot is words sounds skeptical.
    A person can easily be confused which way to vote. Add a few balls to it and don’t dodge around the facts.
    Shall? As in maybe? Like to know, which standards are you referring too?

    • Joe Turner says:

      There is nothing confusing about this ballot, Chris. “Shall” in a legal sense (as well in all others), means something that a person or organization or other entity will be obligated to fulfill. “Should” would imply more of an opinion-based question, “could” would be asking more of ability to perform a task, and so on.

      • chris riley says:

        So why does the ad imply to vote “YES” if its written so clearly. Just saying. Sure some people will find it confusing and vote no.

  3. chris riley says:

    I don’t find a “VOTE” to be an opinion based question. Its a matter of fact.

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