County Commission files suit to stop the vote

The Shelby County Commission has filed a petition to stop the school referendums on August 2.

See video report from WREG below.

You can download the petition and the associated third party compliant (which explains what the County Commission hopes to acheive and why) from the Main Street Journal.

News roundup:
Shelby County Commission Files Petition To Stop School Vote
County commission sues to stop suburban school districts
Shelby County Commission Files Suit to Stop Municipal Schools Vote
County Commission Files Motion to Stop Muni Schools Votes
Commissioners seek to block August municipal school district referendum
County Commission Aims to Stop Suburban Schools
County Commission files lawsuit to block municipal school districts

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One Response to County Commission files suit to stop the vote

  1. B. Williams says:

    Since race was sited as one of the resons for the law suit, does that mean the County Commision seeks to enforce “busing” to eliminate all black or all white schools? Stupid question for a stupid law suit.