Bartlett Schools: Referenda and Beyond

Dr. Bill Busler

Dr. Bill Busler

We are pleased to share with you this series on Bartlett schools written originally for the Bartlett Express by William J. Busler, Ph.D.

Dr. Busler looks at the history of the issue, provides many of the basic facts about Bartlett schools, answers some frequently-asked questions, and offers his opinion on how the education system in Bartlett should be shaped.

Part 1: History and Overview
Part 2: Financing the Bartlett MSD
Part 3: Implications, Obstacles and Questions
Part 4: School Board, Superintendent, Faculty and Staff
Part 5: Shelby County Schools and Their Fate
Part 6: Summary, Opinions and Recommendations

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One Response to Bartlett Schools: Referenda and Beyond

  1. chris riley says:

    Where the financing and rules to how much someone is going to make by what the State sees as set forth in the State law I can only say is laughable. Reason why Memphis City Schools and the struggle of Shelby County Schools to keep unified is the requirements taking a lot of money out of the system that educates children. Our country has gone threw a great recession and balance of world economy has less money circulating in the system. By keeping the present pay scale, bonuses and benefits that retired people want for themselves is not available. State and Federal Government thinking of change, just don’t touch our pay. Part of wanting an independent school system should be what it is, INDEPENDENT. Except abide by the rules the State sets forward in pay scale. To abide by these rules you want to be paid, you have to follow our rules. Why we are watching National Deficit climb and everyone is standing around saying what can we do to lower it. Well, look in the bread box. The system has been broken by many people not contributing labor to keep circulation in progress. Contributors that help finance the system are no longer available.