Vote YES! for Bartlett Schools on August 2

The day we’ve been waiting for and fighting for has finally arrived. On Thursday, August 2, Bartlett voters decide whether to create, and fund, a Bartlett school system.

If you’re an undecided voter doing some last minute research before you head to the polls, you may find the following resources helpful:

  • The City of Bartlett Flyer. Produced by the City of Bartlett, this flyer explains the referendums that will be on the August 2 ballot, shows the big picture of what a Yes vote means, breaks down the cost of a Bartlett municipal school district, answers several frequently asked questions, and lists the questions as they will appear on the ballot.
  • Dr. Bill Busler’s series. A series of articles originally published by the Bartlett Express, written by William J. Busler, Ph.D. The series includes a look at the history of the issue, provides many of the basic facts about Bartlett schools, answers some frequently-asked questions, and offers an opinion on how the education system in Bartlett should be shaped.
  • Thoughts from Bartlett voters. We asked friends of Better Bartlett Schools why they support a Bartlett municipal school district. They share the reasons why they are voting YES!
  • Our recommendations. The Committee for Better Bartlett Schools recommends two YES votes: one to create a Bartlett school system, and one to fund it.
  • Shelby County School Board candidates. We share the positions on municipal schools held by the candidates for the Shelby County School Board in District 3, which includes all of Bartlett.

We hope you find these resources helpful in making your decision on whether to create and fund a Bartlett municipal school system on Thursday, August 2.

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