News and opinion roundup: School board races almost set, and the County Commission unites Memphians, suburbanites

Bill Dries: Suburban School Board Races Almost Set

In Bartlett:

Erin E. Berry was effectively elected to the position 2 seat when Anne Edmiston withdrew from the race at the deadline.

The other four positions are contested races

William Busler faces Jeff Norris for position 1.

It’s Jay Culpepper and Shirley Jackson for position 3.

Donald Gregory, Christopher Maley and Donald Bryan Woodruff are the contenders for position 4.

David Cook, Rick Faith and Randall Van Voorhis are running for position 5.

Dan Conaway: County’s Math Proves Problematic

While the suburbs cite the test performance of Memphis students as a primary reason to form their own systems, a closer examination reveals that they themselves seem to be lacking in a basic understanding of math.

Jack V. DeLany: Supporting the suburbs

As a resident of both Memphis and Shelby County, I support the proposed independent suburban municipal school districts…

Sara Patterson: Countywide tax complicates Shelby suburban school issue

Suburban residents who voted for a local sales tax increase to fund municipal schools could end up seeing their money funneled into the unified school system.

Jane Roberts: Search committee prepares to find new superintendent of unified Shelby County school district

The 13-member group, charged with outlining the procedure to search for the leader of the unified Memphis City and Shelby County schools, decided when it would meet next week and little else.

The Memphis News: Time to Make New School System Work

While the reasons behind our votes have been very different, most of us have voted for a reformation of public education within Shelby County. It is time for the results of those votes to stand and for political leaders to stop trying to undermine the results and make this work.

Bill Dries: After the Vote | Plan emerges to untangle complex schools situation while unanswered questions remain

[W]ith the elections results in, a framework for a second historic transition in Shelby County public education is taking shape.

Zack McMillin: Compromise unlikely in Memphis, Shelby County schools fight

As attorneys in the continuing battle over the structure of Shelby County’s public schools prepare to file yet more briefs this week ahead of a Sept. 4 trial on the validity of the referendums, it appears less and less likely that any kind of compromise can be forged.

Wendi C. Thomas: County mayor should just say no to sales tax veto

In the interest of honesty, let’s call the county commission’s move for what it is: The political equivalent of telling the suburbs to talk to the hand.

Otis Sanford: Common ground at last

There’s no rush raise countywide sales taxes — which, says Memphis City Councilman Shea Flinn, was all about some commissioners sticking it to the suburbanites. No wonder everyone is united in disgust for the commission. They’ve earned it.

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