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David CookName:
David Cook
School Board – Position 5

I’ve been happily married to Emily for 21+ years. We have two boys, 14 and 10 years old, in the 9th and 5th grades here in Bartlett schools. Emily is PTA president at BES and on the PTSA board in charge of Fund Raising at AMS. She is also president of the Band Booster Club at AMS.

BS in Chemistry, with ACS certification, from Rhodes College in 1991; MBA, with a concentration in Production and Operations Management, from the University of Memphis in 1994

Director of Inventory & Replenishment at AutoZone with over $2.9B of responsibility.
-Two-time recipient of the AutoZone Starters Club award, AutoZone’s highest form of recognition.
-The Dale Carnegie Course Highest Award for Achievement
-AutoZone Accelerated Leadership Program – from the Vanderbilt Executive program, Owen Graduate School of Management

Memberships, Affiliations, & Related Experience:
-Served 2 terms on the Board of Directors (Vestry) at St. Elisabeth’s Episcopal Church.
-Chairman of the Board (Senior Warden) at St. Elisabeth’s
-Chairman of the Building Committee at St. Elisabeth’s (Our new building opened in March 2013)
-Eagle Scout; Cubmaster and Assistant Scoutmaster—Pack and Troop 255
-Extensive experience in:
-Maintaining and meeting financial plans and budget requirements
-Leading and working in cross-functional groups/teams
-Negotiating, resolving disputes, and achieving goals
-Leading and mentoring young professionals to accomplishing career objectives

Why am I running?
My main motivation for running for school board is the kids—my two sons, all their friends, all the kids I’ve worked with in sports and in Scouts, and simply all kids in Bartlett. They deserve the very best education we can provide. I think the school board should be composed of both educators and business people. As a seasoned corporate executive, I believe I have a lot to offer the new school board and the citizens of Bartlett.

Top Issues:
The three most pressing issues facing the School Board are:
1. Hiring a qualified Superintendent.
2. Setting appropriate, lawful policies with additions to reflect the needs of our local school system.
3. Creating a lean, yet effective organizational structure for the Bartlett school system to maximize the value proposition for Bartlett tax payers and which will produce the best school system in Shelby County and the State.

Mayor McDonald formed the Bartlett Education Advisory Committee (BEAC) composed of several prominent Bartlett citizens, many of whom have considerable educational experience, and of all the candidates running for school board. I am on the Organizational Structure subcommittee and to date have attended all meetings of both the full committee and our subcommittee. The mission of the BEAC is to facilitate the transition for the newly elected school board, in essence giving them a head start to opening our schools in the fall of 2014. Many of us have worked long hours and put forth much effort to develop plans and ideas to address the many issues facing the new school board. Therefore, the work of the BEAC should be the starting point to resolving these issues.

With a BS in Chemistry from Rhodes College, an MBA from the University of Memphis, and nearly 20 years in the business world, I have a unique balance of technical, analytical, and business skills that suit me well to serve the citizens of Bartlett as a member of the School Board.


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  1. B Malone says:

    I appreciate your in-depth description of the BEAC.
    As a current educator at Bartlett High, I am wondering if the BEAC has or is planning to have a communication/reflection session with current educators about the recent transition and how this information may help with the future transition? I am also curious if the prospective board has discussed or will discuss advanced degree incentives for secondary educators currently holding content specific graduate degrees?
    Thanks for your time. I look forward to hearing from you!

  2. Al Hayes says:

    I am a retired SCS teacher. What are your positions on the following questions?

    1. How will you pay for books and buses?  Do we keep all of
    the equipment in the building, and if so, how will you ensure that the
    city doesn’t come in and strip out all of our technology, books, lab
    equipment, etc?

    2. A large concern is how you are going to handle personnel
    matters. Will you do this in a fair and evenhanded manner? Will you force teachers to jump through hoops to reapply for their positions? Will you grandfather them into our new school system? How about pay and insurance? Are you going to put them back at year one or will their experience count? Specifics, please.

    3. Is there a good chance that we will become a charter or some other type of school district so we won’t lose local control?

  3. Ray Jones says:


    My concern is the Common Core standards. These standards are a dangerous intrusion of government “planners’ into local school systems. The curriculum has been seen to be bent upon indoctrination. Here is an excellent example :


    I stand against implementing the Common Core curriculum / standards for our kids.

    Where do you stand ?

  4. William Stolarski says:

    My autistic son was assaulted today at Bartlett High School. This premeditated attack was filmed and posted to Instagram. The school disciplinary administrator told my daughter that he knew the perpetrators name and that criminal charges would be made. No one from the school contacted me to tell about this incident. My son was in need of medical attention which he did not receive until I was called by my daughter and I came home from work. 4 hours after the incident occurred, I went to the School office to find out what was going on and why was not notified. The disciplinary administrator in question was there but refused to see me. He sent a teacher down to tell me that no police report had been filed and I would need to go to the police department to file it. Two weeks ago, as a result of being bullied in math class, my special needs son had an outburst resulting in HIM being both suspended and physically taken to Lake Side hospital. AGAIN I received this news from my daughter and DID NOT receive any phone call from school. I have been to the Bartlett police department and have made contact with the Shelby County sheriffs department. As of yet, I still have no idea if a police report has been made. I suspect I will have to wait till Tuesday to get an answer. I have a photo of the premeditated assault in progress and the name of the offender. This will not go away until an arrest has been made and changes are made to the school policy concerning parent notification. Thank you.

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