Jeff Norris

Jeff NorrisJeff Norris
Bartlett School Board Position 1

Profession: Director of Admission (Rhodes College)

Memberships and affiliations: National Association for College Admission Counseling, Southern Association for College Admission Counseling, Bartlett Education Advisory Committee, Administrative Governance Subcommittee – Chairman, Member of Bartlett Hills Baptist Church (Deacon)

Why you’re running: As a product of great public schools, I want my children to have the best education possible. Education is the only core public service that the City of Bartlett does not currently afford their citizens. I feel my experience and leadership will serve the children of Bartlett well in this area.

Related experience: My profession affords me the opportunity to recruit talented students and to visit schools all over the country. This national perspective and 12 years of experience with college admission is something that I feel uniquely qualifies me to serve the children and citizens of Bartlett in this capacity. While visiting some of the country’s best schools, I always take the opportunity to ask the administration what philosophies or initiatives they have implemented that have helped their schools become successful. This has expanded my knowledge concerning secondary education, and I look forward to sharing some of these ideas with our Superintendent. One of the best lessons that I have learned is that we need additional focus during our students’ middle school years. Often in public education, elementary education and high school education receive an inordinate amount of our focus and resources. However, it is during a student’s middle school years that our children are dealing with the complex issues of both emotional and physical maturation. This is a time where the support and leadership from all levels needs to be especially strong and student-focused. As a future member of the Bartlett Board of Education, I pledge to always keep students first in our decision-making. I also believe that transparency and sound fiscal judgment should be the hallmark of the new Board. I appreciate your support and look forward to serving you on the Board.

Twitter: @jefferynorris
901-634-3036 (mobile)
3448 Christy Lane

7 Responses to Jeff Norris

  1. Marilyn Dillard says:

    when will you all plan on having a open meeting for the citizens of Bartlett to know your proposed plans for the next school yr? Reason being my concern is that I’m hearing some major changes that will affect my children ESP. The one in 8th gr. If they are true, We need to know what you all are planning so that my husband and I can plan appropriately for our children schooling next yr.

  2. Matt Woods says:

    The reason I am reaching out to you is that I am interested in helping the new school district that is starting in Bartlett. I am originally from memphis and actually went to Kirby High School when it was still a county school. I still have family in the area and a close relative that just retired from MCS.

    I’m with Edlio and we build custom designed, easy to update websites for schools all over the country (see links below). We also specialize in parent-teacher communication and marketing. I know that you are going to have your hand full with starting a whole new school district and wanted to see if you would be interested in seeing a demo of our system and how it would benefit the school district.

    I know that it might be a little early to reach out to you since you were just appointed to the new school board position but I thought that you might want to start getting your ducks in a row for the new district.

    Let me know if you have any questions or if you would like to set up a webinar demo.

    Best regards,

  3. Jason says:

    Hello, Recently moved to a new home in Bartlett (Prosperity Point Subdivision in 38135 zip code). We are currently zoned for Bolton High School. My question is this: with the realigning of the new Bartlett school district, will our children attend Bolton HS in fall, 2014 or would they attend Bartlett HS? Thx, Jason

  4. Jim Strickland says:

    My son is currently a 9th grader at Bolton High School. He is part of the IEP program there due to learning disabilities. Since he is already enrolled at Bolton, will he be able to continue attending that school, even though we are in the city of Bartlett? If not, what assurances can you give me that the Bartlett School System will be able to provide an equivalent program to the Shelby County Schools IEP system, both in scope and quality?

  5. Laura says:

    My husband and I plan on purchasing a home in Bartlett within the next 6 months. We do have a daughter that will be entering middle school next year, and which homes we look at will be greatly influnced by what school she would be zoned to attend. When will those zoone maps be available?

  6. Mary Elizabeth Hensley MSN, RN says:

    Dear Sir, I am presently a masters degree prepared nurse who is employed by the unified school district. I was writing to find out if you and the board have made arrangements for the health promotion of the children and families in your new school district? If you will be filling these positions, I would very much like to be contacted concerning this matter.

    Mary Elizabeth Hensley MSN,RN

  7. William Stolarski says:

    Today, May 23rd 2014, my autistic son was attacked from behind in a premeditated assault at Bartlett High School. This episode of “The Knock Out Game” was photographed, videotaped and sent to Instagram by students involved. The school disciplinary administrator was present and told my daughter the name of the assailant and that charges would be filed with the police. Neither my wife or myself were notified by the school. I was called by my daughter after school and told that my son needed medical attention, which I gave him when I came home from work. My wife and I went to the school 4 hours after the assault to see the administrator in question. A teacher was sent to get him and returned with the message that he was too busy to see us and that no police report was made and I would have to go to the Bartlett PD to file. Two weeks ago my same special needs son was being bullied in class and as a result, had a screaming fit for which HE was suspended for two days and physically taken to Lakeside Center . AGAIN I received no call from the school and was told by my 16 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER that I would have to pick my son up from Lakeside. I have been to Bartlett PD and was told they had no record of a police report. I have pictures of the assault in progress and the name of the perpetrator. I will not stop pursuing this matter until arrests have been made and school policy has been changed on parental notification. Thank You.

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