Sharon Farley

Sharon FarleySharon Farley
Bartlett School Board, Position 5

Profession: Executive Assistant to Director, St. Martin de Porres Shrine & Institute
Associate Director of Vocations, Southern Dominican Province

Memberships and affiliations: PTA, Parishioner at St. Peter Church, member of the RCIA Team, Communications Committee

Why you’re running: I am running for the following reasons:

  1. To apply my in-depth knowledge of school policies and processes gained through 15+ years as an advocate and parent volunteer.
  2. To work with fellow school board members and other stakeholders to establish a great school system.
  3. To ensure that those I represent will always have a voice in the process
  4. To continue to build a strong Bartlett legacy of great students and schools.

Related experience:
Officers Spouse Club
– Vice President – VP-8 – Brunswick, Maine
Bartlett Elementary
– Clinic Angel
– Room Parent
– PTA Room Parent Coordinator
– PTA Vice President Hospitality
– PTA President
Shadowlawn Middle School
– PTA Vice President Citizenship
– PTA Secretary
– PTA Legislation
Bolton High School
– PTA President
– PTA Treasurer
– PTA Vice President Legislation
– PTA Vice President Membership
– Side-out Treasurer – Volleyball Boosters
Shelby County Council PTA
– Vice President Legislation
– Vice President Programs
– Vice President Secretary
– Council President
Oak & Bon Lin Elementary Schools
– Parliamentarian
Tennessee PTA
– Legislative Chair – State and Federal
St. Peter Catholic Church
– Hospitality Committee
– Trivia Night Committee
– Communications Committee
– RCIA Team
– SCS Calendar Committee
– SCS Discipline Policy Committee
– SCS Dress Code Policy Committee
– SCS Transition Advisory Council
– SCS Superintendent Search Process
– SCS Parent & Community Engagement
Quail Ridge Neighborhood Association
– Secretary
– President

Married for 27 years to Mike Farley (Ret. Naval Flight Officer)
Two Daughters who attended Bartlett Elementary, Shadowlawn Middle, and Bolton High
Kristy (c/o 2007 – BHS) graduated with double major in English & Philosophy, minor in Spanish (with honors), Spring Hill College Class of 2011
Megan (c/o 2010 – BHS) attending LSU, majoring in Electrical Engineering, Dean’s List

Phone: 901.937.8260

2 Responses to Sharon Farley

  1. Al Hayes says:

    I am a retired SCS teacher. What are your positions on the following questions?

    1. How will you pay for books and buses?  Do we keep all of
    the equipment in the building, and if so, how will you ensure that the
    city doesn’t come in and strip out all of our technology, books, lab
    equipment, etc?

    2. A large concern is how you are going to handle personnel
    matters. Will you do this in a fair and evenhanded manner? Will you force teachers to jump through hoops to reapply for their positions? Will you grandfather them into our new school system? How about pay and insurance? Are you going to put them back at year one or will their experience count? Specifics, please.

    3. Is there a good chance that we will become a charter or some other type of school district so we won’t lose local control?

  2. Ray Jones says:


    I am deeply concerned about the implementaion of Common Core standards and curriculum. I have seen first hand blatant text that seeks to indoctrinate students to a one sided partisan point of view. I saw this as I reviewed actual text books proposed for Shelby County for 2014 / 2015.

    Here is an example of attempted indoctrination via Common Core curriculum.

    Where do you stand on Common Core ?

    Where do you stand on preventing / eliminating the use of textbooks that are filled with political bias and Anti American sentiments ?

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