Shirley Jackson

Shirley JacksonShirley K. Jackson
Bartlett Board of Education, Position 3

Political Experience:
None. This is the first public election I have ever entered.

Frayser High School, Class of ’66
University of Memphis, Bachelor of Science in Education
Masters in Education and 45 additional hours in School Administration and Supervision

Work Experience:
Taught in the private sector for seven years before going to Memphis City Schools and retired in January after 36 years. Taught Special Education at Georgia Ave. Elem., Fox Meadows Center, and Shrine School. The last 10 years were spent in teacher support and school administrative staff training for the student data management system (EasyIEP).

Bellevue Baptist Church
Bartlett Education Advisory Committee
Gailyn Ridge Neighborhood Association

Why Running?
My husband, Jim, and I have lived in Bartlett since 1978. We moved here because of the high standards of the Bartlett and Shelby County Schools. We wanted our children to benefit from that quality of education. I want the standards and quality of our schools to continue to grow, and I feel that can be accomplished in a system that is smaller and where there is local control. Our schools shape everything around them – the children, the homes, the family and the community.

2 Responses to Shirley Jackson

  1. Al Hayes says:

    I am a retired SCS teacher who lives in Bartlett.

    What are your positions on the following:

    1. How will you pay for books and buses?  Do we keep all of
    the equipment in the building, and if so, how will you ensure that the
    city doesn’t come in and strip out all of our technology, books, lab
    equipment, etc?

    2. A large concern is how you are going to handle personnel
    matters. Will you do this in a fair and evenhanded manner? Will you force teachers to jump through hoops to reapply for their positions? Will you grandfather them into our new school system? How about pay and insurance? Are you going to put them back at year one or will their experience count? Specifics, please.

    3. Is there a good chance that we will become a charter or some other type of school district so we won’t lose local control?

  2. Steve Parker says:

    How can you tout the high standards of Bartlett City Schools. The college readiness rating of Bartlett HS is 10.7 or only 1 of 10 graduates is prepared for college. The English proficency is 70% and the algebra proficiency is 43%. Bartlett educators are failing the citizens of Bartlett in education. I also ask how will the school district avoid becoming a charter school and the citizens of Bartlett lose control. Which by the way, may not be bad for Bartlett. Steve Parker

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