Monitoring news of negotiations, legal developments, decisions

The Committee for Better Bartlett Schools continues to monitor news and reports concerning the imminent merger of school systems in Shelby County, negotiations between state and suburban elected officials and the Shelby County Commission, developments in the unresolved legal challenges, and decisions being made by the “unified” school district.

Here are the latest developments:

Wissman-McDonald“The suburban argument refers to the possibility that the laws might apply [outside Shelby County] if one of the several special school districts in Carroll County surrendered its charter to the Carroll County Schools district” – Memphis suburbs file final brief in Shelby municipal schools lawsuit

Mayor McDonald “is optimistic that ongoing negotiations with the County Commission and Memphis City Council can yield a schools structure attractive to suburban citizens.” – Shelby County suburbs aim for schools agreement that can satisfy residents

“Advocates of a unified district need only go to the Better Bartlett Schools Facebook page, with the big banner of ‘WE DON’T SURRENDER,’ to see the determination many suburban residents continue to show for finding a way to avoid a permanent union with Memphis schools.” – Shelby suburban leaders: No municipal schools for 2013-14

“I think we have some pretty firm footing,” Mayor McDonald said. “I think everyone understands we still have a lot of friends in high places. This is only one of many possible steps.” – Progress made in schools mediation meeting

Commissioner Mike Ritz and Germantown school advocate Ken Hoover debate the meaning of “financial considerations.”

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