Next steps for the Bartlett school system

group1300The referendum approving a Bartlett school system has passed.

Once the results of the referendum are certified by the Shelby County Election Commission, a date will be set for the school board special election.

Meanwhile, a group of education experts, school board candidates and other volunteers are working together on the city’s education advisory committee. The committee’s task is to produce a set of plans for the new school system that are as complete and comprehensive as possible. This will allow the elected school board members to begin from a running start, with a workable budget and a set of policies to govern the school district.

The school board’s first task will be to hire a superintendent, and he or she will perform all of the other hires and execute the plans adopted by the school board.

We encourage Bartlett citizens to remain active and alert throughout this process. Better Bartlett Schools will continue to share information and advocate on behalf of the residents of Bartlett.

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3 Responses to Next steps for the Bartlett school system

  1. Diane Williamson (Assistant Police Chief's Wife) says:

    Besides being a retired MCS educator (KK-8), I’ve subbed with SCS for two years at Arlington and Bolton. I am very happy to participate in discussions or to help in ANY way possible! Experiences: District Mentor, Technology Coordinator, Assessment Coordinator, In-Service Presenter, Academic Editor (Glencoe/McGraw-Hill)

  2. Meg says:

    I cannot express how excited I am that this is happening! As a concerned parent and resident of Bartlett I feel that this is a great move towards the future of our city. I have one going into high school this fall (Bartlett…Of course) and one going into the last year at Bartlett Elementary. I look forward to the opening of our school system. Oh…….I also look forward to applying for a position in the new school system when positions open. I knew we could do it Bartlett!

  3. Susan says:

    I’m very pleased that we accomplished our goal. As a former T.A. for an elementary school , I feel that this bold move was beneficial for our community. I hope to apply for a position as soon as the system is up and running.