Meet the Bartlett School Board

Bartlett School Board

Please join us in offering congratulations to our newly (re)elected Bartlett School Board members:

Jeff Norris – Position 1
Erin Berry – Position 2
Shirley Jackson – Position 3
Bryan Woodruff – Position 4
David Cook – Position 5

This is a very talented group of professionals, and we look forward to working with them to build an excellent school system in Bartlett.

We offer them our thanks for the hours they have already committed for the benefit of Bartlett children and families — as activists, as members of the Bartlett Education Advisory Committee, and as candidates — and for the role they will play in the months and years ahead.

Our thanks also to the other candidates who offered themselves up in this election. We appreciate your willingness to serve and hope you will continue to play a role in the success of Bartlett’s school district.

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One Response to Meet the Bartlett School Board

  1. Blount D. Smith says:

    Board members, As a teacher at Bartlett High School for 43 years, I look forward to working for you in the 2013-2014 school year. I teach Latin, mythology and/or Etymology and am please to offer 4 years of Latin. Congratulations on your election. Although I do not live in Bartlett, I encouraged friends and church members who live in Bartlett to vote for each of you. I encourage you to give great thought to selecting David Stephens as your Superintendent. David knows how to run a school system and a school. He has worked his way up in Shelby County Schools from a classroom teacher/basketball coach to being second in command of the present SCS. When David became Principal of Bolton, he turned the school around so that the students were no longer in charge. I am an avid basketball fan and at one point in time I was extremely hesitant to attend a basketball game at Bolton due to the threatening stance of the students. When David Stephens took over, the students were quickly made aware of the fact that they must act in an orderly manner and show respect to visitors on their campus. I greatly appreciated this and sent Mr. Stephens an e-mail to that effect. Since that time, the student body has behaved in a respectable manner. Not only does David Stephens know how a school system should be runn, but he is also a home – grown Bartlett resident whose family lives, works, goes to school and worships in Bartlett. David Stephens is the man for the job because he has an inside edge and knows the complexion of the Bartlett families and children.

    Sincerely, Ms Blount D. Smith, Latin Teacher, Bartlett High School.