Better Bartlett Schools is now Better Bartlett

Better Bartlett Schools was founded in April 2011 in order to explore the issue of school consolidation and to assist the city government and the community in defending Bartlett from the merger’s harmful impact.

The committee led the referendum in favor of Bartlett municipal schools in August 2012, and again in July 2013. In October 2013, the committee hosted a forum for the first Bartlett school board candidates. In March 2014, the committee transferred control of the “bartlettschools” username on social media networks to the new Bartlett City Schools district, coinciding with a change in its own name and focus.

Now as Better Bartlett, we continue to seek ways to serve the City of Bartlett and its residents. Please join us at, or on Facebook and Twitter at keyword “betterbartlett.”

UPDATE: Looking for Bartlett City Schools? The district is online at, and on Facebook and Twitter at keyword “bartlettschools.”

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