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NYT: largest school district consolidation in American history

The New York Times reported yesterday the merger between Memphis City Schools and Shelby County Schools is the “largest school district consolidation in American history.” This “poses huge logistical challenges” for the transition committee and the new combined school board. … Continue reading

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Commercial Appeal columnist points to race as school motive

In an editorial today, the Commercial Appeal’s Otis L. Sanford joins Fox 13 in suggesting a racial motive behind efforts to create a city school system in Bartlett: But while the secession that occurred in the 1970s was based purely … Continue reading

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Plans offered for new Shelby County school board

Seven competing plans were offered to U.S. District Court Judge Samuel “Hardy” Mays Jr. on Friday, proposals that would offer “a remedy” for selecting a new Shelby County School Board, whose current voting districts the judge declared unconstitutional. Submitting proposals … Continue reading

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FOX 13 suggests racial motive behind Bartlett school effort

In a heavily biased interview by Fox 13’s Ernie Freeman, Bartlett Mayor Keith McDonald rejected claims that the city is seeking to create a new school system for racial reasons. In addition to making several allusions to racism during the … Continue reading

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Memphis calls school consolidation opposition racist

As the Commercial Appeal’s Zack McMillin reports, attorneys representing Memphis are calling any opposition to the city’s school consolidation plan “racially motivated.” The city’s lawyers claim there has been a “consistent and ongoing resistance to racial balancing of the public … Continue reading

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